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APAF, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, Update

December 30, 2015 at 22:50 MST

The following is an update from APAF, Partnership for Workplace Mental Health on how we hope the Mental Health Works resources can be shared more broadly with members.

               Helpful Hints:

·        Reprint an article in your own newsletter. With the exception of the content found under the Headline News & Resources header, all other content shared in this newsletter is authored by the Partnership may be re-printed. 

·        Post the issue of Mental Health Works to your DB website, or provide a link to the Partnership’s website for employers, www.workplacementalhealth.org.

·        Share it with your employer contacts! Everyone has employer contacts, and it doesn’t have to be an CEO to make an impact. Think of the organizations you have contact with – nonprofit organizations, small or large companies located in your community, various vendors you may work with, and health organizations such as hospitals or clinics. If you’re a member of a board, the Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, or a community organization, consider passing it along to those contacts as well. You may wish to suggest to your contact that they pass it along to their organization’s leadership and human resource staff.

Let us know if you have other ideas for how to use Mental Health Works in your community so we can share them with your DB colleagues!

About the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health
The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health is a program of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, a subsidiary of the American Psychiatric Association. The Partnership works with businesses to ensure that employees and their families living with mental illness, including substance use disorders, receive effective care. It does so in recognition that employers purchase healthcare for millions of American workers and their families. Learn more at www.workplacementalhealth.org

Mary Claire Kraft
Program Manager | Partnership for Workplace Mental Health
American Psychiatric Association Foundation
(703) 907-8561

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